A Comprehensive School management software for managing your school. It has several features ; Staff and student Database, Accounts, Academics, Books Shop, Inventory, Feeding Fee, Transportation, SMS notifications and more


Some of the key features of AcademEA include but not limited to the underlisted below

Student and Staff Database

Access all setailed info about your students and staff with just the click of a button


Generate Terminal Reports, Continuous Assesments, Print reports in bulk, Broadsheets, Class reports, cumulative records


Generate Bills of Students, Receive Fees, Income and Expenditure records, Fee Payment Status, Student Ledger, Daily Cash book

Feeding & Transportation

Manage feeding and transportation either weekly or monthly


Manage all saleables from here i.e. books, learning materials, uniforms, P.E. attire etc

SMS notifications

Deploy SMS messages to parents on the go. Integrated feature also allows for parents to receive notifications of Payments, Reports etc.

Our Pricing

AcademEA is currenlty an offline desktop application (web version currently under development).users pay for termly subscription each term

Creche - SHS
GHS 170.00 /term
  • Full Access
  • Regular Online Back Up
  • Reqular Updates
  • 1 Domain Free
  • Free Appointments
  • Free Installment


AcademEA Add-ons are Provided on request by the school. May also attract extra charges

Photo and Signature

The software provides a portion where the Headmaster, Class Teachers, bursar etc can digitally sign their signature. When the signatures are captured they are automatically placed on the terminal report, Bill etc. where signatures are required


The Inventory module of AcademEA, was designed to be used by the bookshop of a school. Where all the products sold, current stock of goods, items received, items ordered can be tracked here. A host of sales and inventory reports can be generated here. All the sales dated input here are automatically available on the income and expenditure report and income statement.


This add-on enables users to access it from anywhere in the world via a mobile phone or computer. i.e.Headteachers, Proprietors,Admins, Teachers & Students

Short Messaging Service (SMS)

The SMS feature in AcademEA present an opportunity for schools to reduce their cost on postage and communication. In today’s world, the mobile phone is ubiquitous, thus AcademEA leverages the availability of mobile phone to most parents to send text messages to them

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